20 Renovation and DIY Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

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If you are a homeowner and wondering how to add value to your home, you might be confused about where to start. There are almost endless small enhancements and major renovations you could make. It’s important to know that you probably won’t recoup 100% of your initial costs when it comes time to sell your home. However, not all renovations …

23 Colorado Real Estate Personalities And Publications You Should Be Following

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Whether you are just diving into the Colorado real estate market for the first time as a homeowner or are a seasoned professional in the area, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest news, laws and homeowner trends. To help you keep a finger on the pulse of our local market, we’ve searched through hundreds of social …


Needing A Home In Colorado Springs

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CHOOSING A HOME IN COLORADO SPRINGS -BUYING VS. RENTING In our dual roles as both an experienced real estate firm and a respected property management company, we have the unique ability to respond to the individual needs of our clients. Whether they should rent or buy isn’t our decision to make, but rather our job to provide unbiased guidance and …


Enjoying the Spring in Colorado Springs

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Looking for captivating and unique experiences in Colorado Springs this spring?  There are numerous destinations to travel to in the area and awesome views to be taken in.  People traditionally think first of the mountains and skiing for the area, but this area holds a treasure trove of fun day trips and other experiences for the passionate adventurer.  Let’s explore …


Colorado Springs in the Midst of Sellers’ Market: What Should a Homebuyer Do?

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Recent news has been coming out of the Colorado Springs real estate market, describing a scene that has become seller’s paradise.  Normally, in a real estate market, the supply of available houses is supposed to be around six months.  When this is the case, supply and demand are about even, and so you get a market where it’s about even for …


The Deal with Credit: What You Need to Know to Rent & What You Need to Know to Buy

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Credit. It’s a history of your ability and willingness to repay an obligation. And regardless if you’re seeking a rental property or planning on buying a new home, your credit will be reviewed. But what, exactly, do landlords and lenders look for when they review a credit report? What happens if they find a late payment? How “perfect” does a …


Prequalifying for a Home Loan 101

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Don’t Let the “Lender Lingo” Deter You Buying and financing a home for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Mortgage lenders certainly have their fair share of “lender lingo” that seems foreign to most. Debt ratios, loan conditions, amortization, annual percentage rate…why all the jargon? Lenders aren’t the only industry with their own trade talk, but when it …


What Factors Go Into Determining the Qualifying Amount for a Home Loan

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This is pretty easy. Using your gross monthly income, current monthly credit obligations and prevailing interest rates, a loan officer can provide you with an approximate loan amount. Loan officers perform such pre-qualifications on a routine basis and are really good at it. And while it might seem a bit mystical at first, it’s nothing more than a step by …


9 Quick Tips When Buying Real Estate

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Researching Colorado Springs real estate is a complicated process, and there are many areas to consider before signing on the dotted line. Because today’s market is much improved over years past, sellers have more room to negotiate. As a result, you and your agent need to be prepared. Make sure you’re paying close attention to all the relevant details during …