The Benefits of Using a Property Management Company for Your Rental Property

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Many people shudder at the idea of renting out their home to complete strangers, but it may not be as bad as you think. While being a landlord can be a hassle, what if you could receive a nice rent check every month without dealing with phone calls in the middle of the night? With a professional property management company, …

Choosing to Buy a Home Without a Real Estate Agent is Tricky and Dangerous

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The home buying process has the incredible ability to be both exhilarating and stressful at the same time. To guide you through these rollercoaster emotions, it’s helpful and advantageous to have an experienced industry professional by your side. While some people will tell you that you can buy a home on your own, proceed at your own risk. There are …

Colorado Springs Rated #1 in “Surprisingly Hot Markets for Millennials” Real Estate List

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When it comes to Colorado Springs real estate, young residents are interested in buying, renting and owning property in the area in record numbers. Specifically, residents who fit into the category of “Millennial’s” are choosing the city and taking up permanent residence here more so than they have before, and more than they are in any other city in the …

Choosing A Home In Colorado Springs – Buying vs Renting

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In our dual roles as both an experienced real estate firm and a respected property management company, we have the unique ability to respond to the individual needs of our clients. Whether they should rent or buy isn’t our decision to make, but rather our job to provide unbiased guidance and knowledge, so each client can make an educated decision …


7 Home Reno’s That Will Increase Your Resale Value Big Time

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You want to make the most money possible when it comes time to sell your home. The way to do that is by improving and updating the things in your home that buyers look for the most. We compiled this list for those looking to boost their resale value. It’s important to focus on the renovation projects that will net …


Should I Rent or Buy a Home?

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Choosing whether to rent or own a home is not an easy decision. It requires you to carefully examine the factors and costs associated with each option. Which is better? That depends. Your unique economic situation, lifestyle and goals play the largest part in deciding what is better for you. It’s important to go into your calculations with open eyes. …