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Property Management in Colorado Springs just got an Upgrade!



Which of these 3 types of homeowners are you?

We can help you no matter which type you are. We can even help sell the home for you, when the time is right.

.01 Accidental Landlords

You lived in the home & now you need to move out of the area. You want to keep the home until it’s the right time to sell.

But you’ve never had tenants or a property manager before.

.02 Military

You’ve received orders to move to another location, but you’re not ready to sell your Colorado Springs home yet.

We work with hundreds of military families, just like you, to manage your property, while accommodating the challenges of your career.

.03 Property Investors

You’ve purchased Colorado Springs real estate as part of your property portfolio.

Now you need a property manager that will monitor your investment(s) & make it a stress-free experience.

"My family is very fortunate to have received such excellent service"

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with everyone at Ashford Realty Group. Our property has been manage by them for the past 5 years. I was continually informed of the condition of the property and had quality tenants provided by their Property Management service. Any and all issue that came up Nicole and her team handled them quickly and professionally. Being that I was in another country most of my communication was done via email and I honestly felt as if I personally knew several members of their staff. When it came time to sell our home clean up and touch up crews were quickly set up to expedite the home being ready to sell. Honestly everything has been taken care of from start to finish with them and my family is very fortunate to have received such excellent service. Thanks again for everything." --Christopher F.

The 2 most critical elements of property management

.01 Prompt Communication

This is the backbone of every successful business relationship.

.02 Total Transparency

It is your investment. You should be "in the know" at all times.

We take every effort to make sure you get the information you need as quick as possible. You can contact us by phone, email, text, through your Owner Portal. To ensure you are promptly responded to, we track everything: phone logs, voicemails, portal communications, emails, etc. It is truly that important to us.

That is why we provide you complete and total transparency when it comes to your property. You see every work order, every invoice, every tenant comment, inspection/ evaluation and more with your 24/7 Owner Portal access. This way you are informed without being involved.

Meet your new money-saving secret weapon

This is Todd. He’s your new full time Maintenance Coordinator.

Todd has credentials that you won’t find with other local property management companies and his skills are unparalleled in Colorado Springs. Below are just three ways that Todd saves you money while you are a client with us:

  1. We utilize maintenance protocols, developed by Todd, to determine whether a tenant can troubleshoot an issue before calling in a professional and incurring an unnecessary vendor charge.
  2. When it comes to maintaining your property or preparing to sell, Todd provides investor insider knowledge and Trade secrets to save you money at every turn and keep you profitable!
  3. To ensure you are always getting the best deal, Todd constantly screens and negotiates with top trade vendors and contractors.

"Todd at Ashford Realty was amazing"

“Todd at Ashford Realty was amazing. He went out of his way to help me with my items, some that didn't even have to do with his job. After the work he did, he went through the functions to make sure that I completely understood them. My customer service experience with Todd was bar none. If every company had a Todd, everyone's experience would be outstanding. Keep up the good work, Todd!!!” -- David R



Having the assurance that your home is being well cared for is essential for peace of mind. Though we have an extensive screening process, there is no way to predict how a tenant may care for a home belonging to someone else.

Routine evaluations (AKA: inspections) are how we provide that peace of mind. Within the first 4 to 6 months we will complete a scheduled routine evaluation of the home and then every 6 months after.

While paying rent on time is important, the ultimate goal is having a tenant who is not only financially responsible, but takes care of the home as if it is their own.


Before a prospective tenant even begins the application process, we clearly communicate our expectations to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion. We accomplish this with extensive information provided on our website (where prospective tenants view our available homes for rent) and through our scheduled showing process. From there, up to date screenings are performed on every applicant. This includes running comprehensive credit, criminal background and eviction reports. Rental history is verified by direct communication with former landlords or property managers and we require pay stubs or a formal letter of hire to verify income and employment. Finally, to ensure an applicant has the ability to pay rent on time, we run a debt to income ratio. At this point, your role as the owner comes in. Unlike most property management companies, after being provided the results of the screening process and our recommendation, we believe you should make the final decision.


The mostly costly expense, hands down, is vacancies. When your property is not occupied, it is not making money. For many owners, that means paying two housing expenses that month. We have developed a process that dramatically shortens turnaround times between tenants and eliminates vacancies. This is another area where our procedures, secret weapon (aka: Todd) and marketing team shine and make you more profitable.


"If there ever was a vacancy, they secured a tenant before the last tenant moved out"

"I have used Nicole Lee and the Ashford Real Estate Management Team for over 4 years to manage a rental property in Peyton, CO. It has been the most positive of experiences. Ashford Management is very proactive and professional in all matters. If there if ever a vacancy, they have always secured a new tenant before the last tenant moves out. Despite the fact that the real estate market has been very volatile, they ensure that the tenants they place are very reliable and you know your property is well taken care of. With regards to ongoing maintenance, Nicole and her team keep the property in great shape. Ashford Real Estate Management stays on top of every detail. They are always responsive to every question I ask, attend to every matter immediately and keep me appraised of all that is needed. Ashford Home Management is a professional team with high standards of excellence and a pleasure to work with at all times." -- Karen H.

Get everything you need for easy Colorado Springs property management

Superhuman tenant screenings

We do everything humanly possible to weed out unqualified renters. We check pay stubs, criminal history, eviction history, credit history & more. It’s practically a military-grade security clearance just for someone to be able to rent your home.

Power to choose your own tenant

We screen all prospective tenants , then recommend our choice. However, unlike most property management companies, you are able to choose your preferred tenant. The final decision stays in your hands. Your home, your decision.

24/7 Communication Portal

The Owner Portal provides total access to your property's care. You can see how quickly we respond to tenant work orders, plus see all the financials, maintenance, reporting & payment information. You can ask a question 24/7/365 & get fast answers.

Modern Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Minimize Vacancies

Get modern marketing for the digital age. Our marketing strategies are designed to eliminate costly vacancies by putting your home in front of the most qualified prospective tenants. We want your home rented, fast.

Predictable, direct deposits every month

Let us help you get predictable cash flow from your investment. Get your tenant’s rent deposited into your bank account on the same day every month. With our easy direct deposit process, we eliminate any worry about when you will receive your money.

150+ pre-move in pictures of your home

Every square inch of carpet, blind or wall is recorded, so that you & the tenant know exactly what condition the home was in from the beginning. This means that we can clearly monitor any new damage done to your home & make sure the tenant repairs it.

External & Internal Inspections of Your Property Every 6 Months

We inspect everything from top to bottom. Your inspection report gives all the information you need to feel confident that your property is in good hands. Our evaluations/ inspections are unsurpassed and are the second most important document to the lease.

Money-saving maintenance protocols

We have step-by-step processes to maximize the chance that your maintenance issue could be solved without a licensed professional charging you for their services. This keeps your cash flow strong by keeping unnecessary fees down.

The Ultimate Move In & Move Out inspection

We go overboard when it is time for your tenant to move in or move out. We note every minor detail of the homes condition. This extremely detailed inspection is designed to make sure your home is returned to you in the proper condition.

Meticulous record keeping

We keep extremely comprehensive records of every communication, maintenance request, response time & so much more. Our meticulous record keeping allows us to thoroughly document any areas of concern. Less problems and no confusion.

On-Call Maintenance & Emergency Service: 24 Hours, 7 Days a week, 365 days a year

Maintenance calls don't just occur Monday through Friday. Our team is on call and is included in your monthly fee. We assess and consult with the tenant to provide quality service for them while eliminating unnecessary after hour repair fees and service calls for you. This is our job. Do NOT let anyone up-charge you for this!

Done-for-you Year-end Owner Financials & 1099 Preparation

Get year-end accounting information for your real estate investment, so that you don’t have to juggle the paperwork and figure the numbers. We’ll take care of your financials. All you have to do is forward the information to whomever prepares your taxes.

Extensive Vendor Screening & Discounted Rates

Take advantage of our discounted prices whenever your repairs are needed. We have a tried and true list of reputable, licensed professionals who provide quality work at the best price. We screen all the vendors on our list & negotiate the best deals to save you money on repairs.

Eviction & Possession Policy & Procedures

If a tenant does not uphold their obligation or pay their rent, Ashford will work with the attorney and manage the eviction process for you at no additional charge (court & attorney fees are not Ashford's responsibility). Ashford has a streamlined, legal & ethical process designed to take possession of your home and provide a new tenant quickly and with minimal disruption.

Collection & Judgment management procedures

Our superhuman tenant screenings mean it's extremely rare to have unreliable tenants that don’t pay their rent. However, if it does happen, we’ll do our part to make sure that you receive what you’re due. We work with the best companies to collect overdue funds from tenants so that you don’t have to worry.

Our ‘no hidden costs’ guarantee

You might not know this, but many property management companies and agents make a profit when repairs are done to your property. We believe this is an unfair practice

Instead, we guarantee that we NEVER add any fees or up-charges to repairs! How will you know we’re not adding sneaky fees? Because the invoice for repairs will go straight to you.

We have agreements with third party vendors, so that we can help keep prices down for you. But you get the invoice directly & we get NO kickbacks. Guaranteed.

Here’s what our clients say about working with us

  • “Nicole Lee has provided me outstanding service as a property manager. I have trusted her and Ashford with my rental for over eight years and never been disappointed. I would recommend her services to friends and family without hesitation. If I invest in another rental property in vicinity of Colorado Springs, I will use Nicole to manage it in my absence.”
    — CPT Hayward, US Army
  • “Ashford Realty is a top notch realty company. They managed our rental house for 2 years and did an excellent job. There always was communication and they returned all our calls immediately. They found us great tenants, we never had an issue during the 2 years. When we decided to sell the home, Melanie handled the sale too. It was hassle-free and so effortless from our side. She kept us both in the loop (I was in TX and my husband was is CO) during every stage of the sale. We couldn’t ask for a better realtor! I would totally recommend them to take care of your rental property or to help sell your home.”
    — Stephanie Lape

  • “I have been with Ashford for about 10 yrs since 2005 and they have been incredible. The entire staff is kind, responsive, intelligent, hardworking and fastidious. They have taken care of my properties in Colorado Springs, CO, with the utmost professionalism. I called 15 other property management companies in the area and surmised that Ashford was the best. I am thankful to have found them so long ago and am still grateful for their great customer service and expertise. Thank you for being great for over a decade.”
    — David T
  • “Ashford Realty Group was great! They not only helped me right away with finding a tenant, but they were able to sell my property in a timely and stress free manner. Their staff helped me save money and truly cared about my needs. If I were to get another property, I will use them again to help manage it. Thanks again!”
    — Julia Soto

We may be the right property managers for you if:

  • You want a property manager that will promptly communicate and provide you with the information you need to know what is going on with your property, while still being able to trust that we will take care of every detail.
  • You’re willing to maintain your investment (property condition) and fix things that break in your property that are not the tenants responsibility.
  • You looking for a reputable property management team with over 10 yrs experience that you can trust.
  • You need someone to make the process as easy as possible.
  • You’re in the military & need to work on a tight deadline that aligns with your posting orders.
  • You’re thinking about selling your property in the future. We manage your property and monitor the value for you. When you are ready to sell, we make the process effortless & profitable for you.