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Must Read Before Applying
Applicant Requirements & FAQ's

WE LOVE WORKING WITH NICE, HONEST PEOPLE and have devoted ourselves to providing those families & individuals a great rental home experience.

To accomplish this, we feel it is important for us to provide relevant & important information up-front to avoid any misunderstandings or inaccurate assumptions.

Please Note: We cannot offer any exceptions to the applicant requirements listed below.

Once an application is submitted, we are automatically charged by third parties for the services they provide and that are required within our application (credit check, background check, evictions, etc).
These third party companies, under no circumstances, offer refunds for their services (we’ve tried…numerous times), and therefore, we cannot offer any refunds on application fees once an application is submitted.  

  • Must Have A 600 (or higher) Credit Score(s)
  • Do Not Have Any Judgements or Housing Related Collections (Previous Rents, Utilities, Etc.)
  • Bankruptcies Must Have Been Discharged For At Least 12 Months
  • Have Not Had A Foreclosure In The Last 24 Months
  • Do Not Have Any Previous Evictions
  • Have Not Been Convicted Of A Felony
  • Are Not A Registered Sex Offender
  • Are Able To Pay The Full Security Deposit At the Time Of Lease Signing
  • Can Provide Verification Of Total Household Income Is Three Times (x3) The Amount Of One (1) Month’s Rent
  • Will Not Use Home For Growing Marijuana
  • Have Physically Viewed The Home (Noted Below In “Renting Sight Unseen”)
  • *If You Have Pets – That You Have Reviewed & Accepted The Terms Of The Pet Agreement (click here)
  • All Applications Must Be Accurate & Complete (see below)
Before we can consider & submit your application for the property owner’s final approval, it must be a “complete” application.

The following information is required in order to have a complete application:

  • A Completed Online Application (& application fee paid in full)
  • 2 Most Recent Month’s Pay Stubs, Documenting Income Of All Applicants
  • A Government Issued Photo ID Of All Those Residing At the home 18yrs or Older
  • Rental Verification From Previous Landlord/ Property Manager
  • Anyone 18 Years Of Age or Older Must Submit an Application and Have Background Run Regardless of Whether They Will be Contributing Financially
  • Contact Information Of Closest Living Relative
  • If Active Duty, The Contact Information Of Your Acting Commanding Officer
  • Information (type of pet(s) weight, photo’s and licensing) On Any Pets That Will Reside In The Home (if applicable and/ or permitted)
  • You read & agree to the Pet Agreement

***If any additional documentation is required due to a unique circumstance we will promptly advise.***



applications@ashfordrealtygroup.com or FAX TO: (888) 631-0062

NOTE: please email any private information securely.

Unfortunately, No.
In most all cases the home is occupied by a current tenant that is paying rent.
To respect their time we have pre-arranged several blocks of time for showings.
If the home you inquire on does not have any showing times available, that means all available showing times have been booked.
Please Note: We will promptly notify you if any showing times become available on the property you inquired on.
We recommend taking advantage the rental home alert so we can notify you of upcoming rental homes.

This policy is derived from past experiences and for everyone’s benefit involved (but mainly yours).

We want everyone happy with the home they have chosen to reside in but regardless of every effort to describe a home (numerous pictures, video or even feedback and advice of friends or family) one cannot capture every aspect of a home.
Trust us, we want to promptly rent any home we manage but this policy is in place to best protect all interests, especially yours.

No, unfortunately, we do not accept Section 8 housing.

Unlike most Property Management Companies, we do not hold complete applications for a week to compare with other applications.

We submit complete applications on a first come first serve basis out of fairness to the applicant.
***Please note, if we receive more than one “complete” application in the same business day we will submit all complete applications that were received that day.**


We understand you may need to secure a home right away and we want you to know that we make every effort on our end to expedite this process.

Please know that there are a couple of items that require outside third parties response before we can consider your application complete and when considering the approval of the application.

As noted above, your RENTAL VERIFICATION is required in order to have a complete application that we can present to the property owner for final approval.

For this reason we encourage you to contact your previous landlord or property manager to be on the lookout for the simple rental verification form that we will be sending (from Ashford Realty Group) and to promptly return.

*we provide them instructions on how to complete and return*

Since the owner of the property that you are applying for has the final say (approval), we have, in some rare cases, seen an additional day delay awaiting their response.

Although this is rare, it is normally due to the fact that the property owner(s) is deployed or in training and do not have access to communication outlets.

Please know we proactively share the importance of the property owners promptly responding and alert them in advance as we look to complete the application package.

Please remember, regardless of any recommendations from us at Ashford Realty Group, the property owner is the one that has the final approval.

* 30 Days

There are times that the home that you originally applied for does not work out, but another home of interest may become available in that same 30 day timeframe.

Provided you submitted everything needed for a complete application, you may request, in writing (email), your complete application to be considered for the new property address.

Unfortunately No.

At the time of the possession the home will be move in ready. – We take pride in this!

Granted, there could be aesthetic items that do not appeal to your tastes but please remember, another family is allowing you to call their house a home.

We recommend that you DO NOT apply for any home with the expectation that changes will occur after signing the lease (new carpet, paint, etc.).

This too is why we do not allow renting sight unseen.

PER THE LEASE: There is a $500 Fine for each unauthorized pet (or restrict breed) located at the property (regardless of who owns the pet).

This lease violation are terms for immediate eviction in conjunction with the fine, if the homeowner chooses.

See the Pet Policy below for details.


We request this not be abused and wrongfully used.

If an Ashford tenant’s plans change prior to the lease expiration, we request they are honest and allow us to work with them to find a solution.

NOTE: The notice must be submitted in writing 30 days prior.

As an Ashford Rental Showing Coordinator & Licensed Realtor, it gives me the opportunity to provide unbiased input and options for our clients.

I love that my clients know and understand the information I am providing is to help them find a home in this active market.  -Lori Weissmiller

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    Pet Agreement

    Please review before inquiring on a pet approved property. - click to view -

Here's What Our Clients Say About Renting With Us


"Lori, the showing coordinator was exceptional. She was very compassionate to my need of founding a place to stay as soon as possible and made every efforts to get all the appropriate documents required for leasing the rental property. Lori, was very knowledgeable about the property and gave a great tour of the rental property on Hunting Meadows, which made my decision easy to rent from Ashford." - Jimson F

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4 reasons you'll love renting a home with Ashford

01. Easy Prompt Communication

Phone, Email, & 24/7 Private Tenant Portal we are here. We will always respond promptly but also provide secure methods for you to reach out 24/7. The Tenant Portal allows you securely pay your rent online, submit and check on work orders, review statements, invoices & more.

02. A Rockstar Maintenance Dept

It is important to us that you enjoy your stay. Granted, you, the owner, nor us, want a maintenance issue but when and if they arise we are prepared. We have developed a process to best coordinate, follow up, and resolve maintenance issues as quick as possible. Better yet, Ashford has a Rockstar, Erica, that manages & oversees that entire process.

03. Extremely Detailed Move-In Evaluations- For You

We provide an extremely detailed move-in evaluation that is completed within just a days of you moving in. This evaluation comes with numerous pictures (360 on avg.) to ensure that you never pay for any repair items that were present before you taking possession. G.F.P. (Good, Fair, Poor) inspections/ Evaluations end up costing the tenants- avoid these.

04. Making Your Home Plans Happen

We regularly work with individuals & families that have longterm home goals they look to accomplish. Whether they are relocating and look to rent for a year and then buy. Or those on the path to buy, that need to rent now but look to own their home. We provide the information & the guidance to make those plans happen.

PLease, We want you to get
your security deposit back

It cost's us when you don't

Here is how we help on our end:

Unlike other property management companies, we do NOT add charges to the repairs or use “in-house ” vendors. So when a tenant leaves damages, we incur scheduling and numerous trips to remedy, and to this point, have been able to avoid adding additional charges for this.
360 (on avg.) pre-move in photos so that you can’t get blamed for any damage that was already there before you moved in. Our clients love these because you don’t have to remember what condition you need to return the house to when you move out – it’s clearly laid out for you in the photos. No uncertainty. Obviously, those that do not intend on taking care of the property do not like these inspections.
Black and white cleaning checklist so that the definition of “clean” isn’t left open to interpretation. You’ll know exactly what cleanliness will be expected of you when you move out, so you’re not left guessing whether you’ve done everything you need to get your deposit back in full.


You have 24/7 access to your lease & move-in evaluation, the 2 single most important documents when renting, in your secure online portal. These 2 documents set clear expectations of each party and eliminates costly assumptions.
Concierge service includes a 12-point move out checklist so that you can know the most common things that cost tenants their deposit &t you don’t have to make the same mistakes. Take it room to room & tick things off as you go.

We’re an advocate for you getting your deposit back - your happier, eliminates expenses for us & makes our life easier too.

"Definitely a great experience, Thank you so much!"


"Had a great experience with Ashford Realty. Staff was attentive and friendly. Property was in pristine shape when I moved in so it was important I left it that way. So it wouldn't be overwhelming at the end of my lease I did little things everyday to keep up on the property. I also made it a point to be aware of ways I could make it easier when I moved like keep up on dusting, have Clorox wipes under every sink and wipe marks off walls as I saw them. Someone is letting you live in their home...bottom line be respectful! I was happy to get a full refund and pet deposit back. If your not sure about something ask, the staff at Ashford realty will be happy to help. Definitely a great experience, Thank you so much!"   -Jenean A

We'd love to show you available homes for rent if:

  • You have read and met the "Applicant Requirements" listed above
  • If you are willing utilize the tools & information provided to ensure a great tenancy
  • You are willing to keep the lines of communication open. So, if you have a question or concern we get a chance to answer or fix it.
  • You understand the home is another family's residence that has opened it up to nice individuals & families to call home.
  • You look forward to working with a Group that counts on open communication & honesty from both parties to ensure a great experience.

But we're probably not a good fit if:

  • You feel that dishonesty & rudeness are acceptable practices in order to get your way
  • You feel your next property manager should inherit any bad experience you endured elsewhere
  • You tend to ignore agreements and make up your own rules.
  • You feel you have the right to treat another's home like you're a rock band on tour.
  • You are likely to disregard your move-in evaluation and then lash out about charges against your Security Deposit to remedy damages incurred during your tenancy.
  • You feel the "consumer is always right" phrase absolves you from any accountability and honesty.

Did you know that buying a home can cost less, upfront & monthly?

Finding homes for rent in Colorado Springs can be a challenge in our red hot rental market. But you may be able to buy a home with little or no down payment. Even better, your monthly payments could be lower than your rent.

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